DAFF Reg. 1003/01, NPO 155-602, NPC 2013/008141/08, CSD MAAA012

The Beginning of the FPA

We control all veld and forest fires around Potchefstroom and neighboring towns.
We are also primarily responsible for farm safety and all emergencies.

The Potchefstroom Fire Protection Association originated from the then “Civil Protection”, which changed later to “Disaster Management”. In 2005, we integrated the Fire Protection Association into Disaster Management. We must make it clear that the PFPA does not function under the auspices of the municipal disaster management, but it is a private group of people who are in need of our fellow human beings.

The Potchefstroom Fire Protection Association (PFPA ) operates under the Field and Forest Fires Act (Act 101 of 1998), which is bound by a very good constitution, constitution and a set of rules and regulations. Our main goal is proactive action to prevent field fires as well as actions during and post-active action after a field fire.

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The Cut-Off date for the making of fires breaks in the area of jurisdiction of the PFPA is 1 July. Only the FPO can extend this date with good reason


Benefits of Becoming a member

Act 101 of 1998

  • The biggest advantage of belonging to the FPA is the fact that should a fire break out on your property, you are considered innocent of negligence / arson to the contrary.
  • If you do not belong to the FPA, you will be considered guilty of negligence / arson until you can prove the contrary in court.
  • According to most insurance institutions, you as an insured are obliged to belong to an FPA.
  • You can assure yourself that the community that is a member will come and help you if a fire breaks out on your property or if you are under fire from an oncoming fire.
  • Should the fire services be called (by any person) a non-member is responsible for the costs to the local authority. As a member, your account will be charged at a zero rate.
  • The “working on fire” teams that operate in Potchefstroom will come to help you free of charge with fire fighting as well as making pre-fires on your property. However, there are certain criteria that will be highlighted to you in order to obtain the teams.
  • You will benefit from the Disaster Management organization’s ability to assist you in emergency situations, should it be a fire or any other form of emergency you may experience.

Non – member of the PFPA :
Team can still be used and all of the above benefits apply at cost.

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